Blacktoft Sands., Tax Bills and Marsh Harriers

End of January., Tax bill time!

Why is it that I feel the money would be better spent on a new lens for the camera!

Talking of lenses., I have been informed that the insurance company have agreed to the repair of my damaged 400mm telephoto

Now its just a matter of waiting for Canon to do the repair

How long will that be?

God only knows!

My previous entry mentioned visits to two RSPB reserves (Blacktoft Sands and Saltholme)

As it turned out we were so impressed by what was on offer at Blacktoft., we never actually made it to Saltholme!

Marsh Harriers., Hen Harrier., an array of Gulls and ducks

The weather (and therefore the light for photography) was not kind on our first visit.,, so we went back and luckily (for the time of year) we got some sunshine

We even spotted an inhabited Barn Owl box

Unfortunately the Owl decided to stay mainly in his box., so we only managed a few distant photographs

This is definitely a place we will be going back to

Yesterday (Saturday) was spent at Cossington Meadows

Sunshine and great light., unfortunately the star performers (Short Eared Owls) never turned up

Frustrating., but thats the nature of this crazy hobby!

Nothing definite planned for next week (apart from inevitable work and paying the tax bill)

And at the time of writing its a typically wet., grey and overcast Sunday in January

But you never know., we will see what happens

I may even get my lens back!


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