Yes I have been lazy!

Over two months since the last update. no excuses., just lazy

That said we have been busy with our camera's!

New pictures of Barn Owl's., Short Eared Owl's.,Osprey's., Marsh Harrier's., etc. etc.

Fights between a Kestrel and a Barn Owl over a mouse., and between a Marsh Harrier and a Red Kite

& best of all a brawl between Egyptian Geese

For comedy., a soaking wet Osprey looking anything but elegant., and a couple of Crow's farming a Highland cow for nest materials (has to be seen to be believed!)

Also., ticking one of those 'I wish I had' boxes., a reasonably good set of pictures of the evasive Bittern

Plus much more than I could possibly mention here

I got myself a 1.4 Canon converter., it certainly gives the reach., but I would say with a slight loss of picture quality.

It also slows the camera's ability to auto-focus and track an object

That's fine if your target sits nice and still., unfortunately birds don't tend to that for very long!

In addition.,much of our photography is of birds in flight (which of course are moving!)

So it's a useful 'tool' in the bag for those times when something is at a distance (e.g. Heron's and their chick's in a nest) but it won't be a permanent fixture on the camera

OK. that's all for now., I am now going to watch and see if my local (and life-long supported) football team are going to win the Premier League!

The next update will come quicker than this one!

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