From the Arctic Circle

I know It's been months, but I have finally gotten around to writing a new entry!

We are in northern Norway close to the Arctic Circle looking for three 'targets'



Northern Lights

So far we have not had a chance to photograph any of them, and time is running out before we return to the UK, but we won't give up!

Too many things added to list since my last blog entry, an entire summers worth in fact, but it may be worth taking a look at the following:

Bearded Tit

Glossy Ibis

Stags and Deer

Great Skua

We saw the Great Skua at Otmoor, the first ever seen there and at the time it caused a lot of excitement. Bird watchers were literally racing along motorways and running down paths loaded with various items of equipment to get a glimpse!

Our viewing screen went from the two of us and one other to standing room only within an hour!

Can't blame them, it was gone the following morning

Ann and I were lucky to get the only flying shots as it dropped in. Not technically the best, but significant for the Otmoor reserve, In fact the RSPB magazine are currently considering publishing one or more of them!

We shall see!

We just recently hired a Sigma Sigma 600 (Sports version) lens just to see what it could do. No great expectations (it's a fraction of the price of the Canon version) but we have been happily surprised at the results! Neither of us are photographic experts, but the extra detail you can get with the extra ''reach' cannot be ignored.

I have actually offered to buy it from the company I hired it from, it will be interesting to see how they respond

One way or another I'll be purchasing one soon though!

OK., that's it for now, I'll try and write another entry before the end of the year!

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