Inside a Starling Murmuration!

Writing this update on my birthday! How old? Sorry I've lost count!

Anyway, I took a day off from work and we have been out looking for a reported Hen Harrier, but unfortunately a no-show! Never mind, we shall try again!

Good and bad since my last entry and most defintely on the 'bad side' was a 'break-in' to my house! Luckily Nothing taken, however a couple of broken door windows to get fixed

On the 'good side' I finally got my 100-400 Canon lens back, all fixed and apparently working as well as ever. I have also purchased a small 55mm Canon lens, but more on that later

We have been back to Gigrin Farm and the Black Mountain Feeding Centre, so plenty of new Red Kite uploads. Both of these places also attract Buzzards so a few new uploads on that page as well

Still trying to get a really good shot of the Marsh Harrier at Blacktoft Sands, but this bird is proving very tricky to photograph! The chocolate brown feathers if taken at any distance and in anything but good light tend to come out as a 'brown smudge'. The only solution of course is a close shot in good light. Fortunately one particular hide at Blacktoft potentially offers that opportunity, but on our previous visit, despite the Harrier coming very close, the light was rapidly dimming

So we are planning a return on a day when the sun is forecast to shine, but of couse this time of year that could be some time away!

The big event since my last entry has to be the Starling Murmuration at Otmore!

Many of you would have seen this miracle of nature, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to be actually 'inside' a murmuration? well wonder no more and click this link

I have to say it was an experience of a lifetime, which of course we wanted to repeat and brings me back to the 55mm Canon lens

The combination of a 7D Mark II and a 55mm lens makes for very reasonable HD video Camera which is an ideal 'tool' for recording the murmurtion. However, returning to Otmore with the lens and camera,and back in the same seemingly 'ideal' spot as last time, the birds decided to land elsewhere on the reservation

We will be back, with camera and lens ready! but will we ever have that experience again? (and get the video footage we would really like)? we will have to wait and see!

So., until my next entry! stay safe


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